Mini Buses

Are you planning to travel in vast groups with friends, Family or with colleagues then Mini Bus Car Rental should be your prime option so as to enjoy remarkable safari Adventure Tours in Uganda. Mini Buses offer you comfortable Travel at your convenience in large groups as these carry numerous people/ travelers at once. Self Drive Uganda has and offers these at a relatively affordable price to those travelers interested in exploring Uganda’s beautiful Safari Places on holiday Tour/ Vacation.

Mini Bus Car Rental in Uganda is available at affordable rates that fit into your planned budget as you transfer to Uganda on Holiday Vacation. The 4×4 mini Buses we offer for hire and rental in Uganda carry about 12-14 people when seated comfortably and at ease.

The Mini Buses comprise of wide enough windows to enhance visibility for all travelers and sightseeing of the green forest vegetation habitat as well as the Birds and wildlife. They have added advantages compared to the other cars available for hire and some of the advantages include;

They provide more Leg Room making travelers stretch and relax as they transfer to their safari destinations. They are Air Conditioned making your travel in style and Comfort to any destination of your choice. They include the option of Recharging where you can re charge your batteries, Phones, Tablets etc.

Why Use Mini Buses to in Uganda Mini Buses are convenient to Rent as these offer you safe and comfort as you travel to your destination. They enhance saving as you pay cheaply in groups after the discounted rate provided by the reservations experts from Self Drive Uganda.


Mini Buses

Low Season 70 USD
High Season 75 USD
 (Low season: April-May & Oct-Nov)
Camping Gear 5 USD
Car Fridge 5 USD
Driver 35 USD


They are a better option to use for travelers interested in Long Car Rental i.e spending a longer time i.e 12-14 days in Uganda. This is attributed to the Leg Room, comfort they offer. Capacity: 12-14 adventurers Manual or Automatic Excellent fuel consumption Air conditioning