RoofTop Tent Rental

Roof Top Tent Rental-Cars with Roof Top Tents for Families and Car Hire

The Toyota Land cruisers 4×4 both Automatic and manual  are very favored for driving around Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania and also on lake Victoria drive roads. The cars can be a diesel or petrol engine and is very economical! Our prices cover all insurances and taxes  – and a lot more, see “Extras” below! No fee for Extra Drivers and you can drive Unlimited Mileage on the self drive trip to Uganda.

Rooftop tents could just be the answer to the comfort woes of off-road adventurers who refuse to rough it out by sleeping on the ground. Inside the tent is a pleasant and welcoming queen-size foam mattress. In addition, you’ll appreciate the privacy it offers when it comes to everyday activities like taking a shower, changing your underwear, or fleeing from Uganda’s infamous Mountain gorillas & Wildlife game viewing in Uganda national parks .

The Land cruiser roof top tent (suitable/sleeping area for two persons) is incredibly easy to fold and unfold. It takes only about 10-15 seconds, and it opens like a tailgate of a car! The tent has two door/windows with out mosquito netting, one mattress (130 x 210 cm) and 2-3-4 pillows, one height adjustable alloy ladder, elastic straps assist in folding the fabric when closing.

Below we have our Roof Tented Cars for Rental to all travelers interested in Car Hire, Self Drive and transfer with guide safari vacation Tours.

Nissan Patrol with Roof Top Tent

The Nissan Patrol with Roof Top Tent is a 4×4 fleet with strong wheels, carrying capacity of 5 paxs, appropriate for Camping, Has AC, Automatic. The Roof Tent at the top caters for 2 Paxs per night.

Nissan patrol

Land Cruiser VX with Family Roof Top Tents 

The Land Cruiser VX is a very comfortable Car with a Roof Top Tent that takes on 4 paxs per night. The Tent is comfortable and very convenient for all travelers interested.

Rooftop tents

Land Cruiser GX with Roof Top Tent

The Land Cruiser GX with a Roof Top Tent should be every traveler’s choice of Car interested in Car Hire/ Self Drive in Uganda. The Tent caters for 2 Paxs per night.

Car-with Roof Top Tent


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