Boomu Women’s group Bandas

Boomu Women’s group Bandas is Situated thirteen miles from Masindi along the border of Murchison Falls National Park, the camp is enclosed with scented flowers, shrubs, birds, butterflies and trees which provide a refreshening environment that is peaceful hence ensuring our visitors/guests relax. While here, you will experience the community freely by learning their cultural back grounds and way of life.

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Our camps have bandas, flushing toilets, hot bathes/showers and other extra amenities that were implemented to ensure our guests have a comfortable stay.

Outside the camp are craft shops with personnel experienced in making bags and other materials out of raw materials like wood, fibre, etc and these are reliable to teach you on how to make them flexibly.

Note: Must be paid in dollars/ shillings.

Rooms Bed & Breakfast
Banda 20,000# pp
Camping 7000# pp

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