Masindi Hotel

Masindi Hotel was Founded in 1923 by the East Africa Railways and Harbors Company, the hotel is situated in Masindi acting as a sanctuary for travelers going through the area.

It was under the government though around 2000, the hotel was privatized hence renovations were made so as to  keep its originality i.e colonial design. It has provided accommodation to very many people including popular celebrities like Ernest Hemingway who took on a fable tour to the district.

Mid range Accommodation Masindi Hotel Uganda

Unfortunately, while still on his way he got involved in a fatal accident when two planes crashed i.e at Murchison Falls and Butiaba airstrip. However, he just got injured and nursed while staying at Masindi Hotel. Others like Humphrey Bogart and Catherine Hepburn also stayed at the hotel while shooting the movie “African Queen” at Masindi port.

The rooms we offer are appropriate for all kinds of people whether on business, leisure, pleasure/ relaxation and these are en-suite, clean and spacious including singles, double, triples as well as the V.I.P suite with a private bedroom and living room. We also include a self contained cottage having a kitchen, 2 bedrooms, living area and accommodates about 8 people and in case you are on budget, we have dorms with a large enough camping area to accommodate you. The other facilities we offer include;

  • Internet Connection
  • Kabalega Restaurant
  • Hemmingway Bar
  • DSTV cabling
  • Fitted Bathrooms
  • Flushing toilets

Note: Must be paid in dollars/ shillings.

Rooms Bed & Breakfast (non residents) Bed & Breakfast (residents)
Single 90 177,000 # pp
Double 115 212,000 # pp
Triple 140 261,000 # pp
Twin 115 212,000 # pp

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