New Court View Hotel

New Court View Hotel is located along the road from Kampala to Murchison Falls National Park and enhances hospitality to all kinds of travelers i.e both local and international since 2003.

The hotel has been under the same management which includes very skilled personnel who look forward to ensuring you get the best of your expectations while here.

New Court View Hotel-Murchison FallsWildlife Tours Murchison Falls

We provide accommodation in grass thatched cottages located in beautiful green gardens where you can have delicious meals along the balconies/ verandas and these will be provided by our welcoming staff at the restaurant.

The dishes include both local and international dishes which are prepared by our management team which is welcoming and skilled to provide you with exactly what you need.

Note: Must be paid in dollars ($)

Rooms Bed & Breakfast
Single 29 PP
Double 32 PP
Triple 39 PP
Twin 32 PP

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