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Nile Safari Lodge-Murchison falls national park (Luxury), Nestled peacefully amongst the rich papyrus forest on the southern banks of the River Nile, the lodge offers some of the most comfortable accommodation in Uganda’s largest national park, declared in 2005, the seventh wildest place in Africa (Getaway Magazine).

Nile Safari Lodge has a choice of wooden chalets and tents positioned right on the edge of the Nile River to maximize stunning views and to give a true feeling of Africa.

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From your own private balcony suspended over the mighty River Nile, a massive expanse unfolds. Hundreds of weaver nests occupy overhanging trees, while the silent ripple of water whispers untold secrets. Giant Nile crocodiles bask on sand banks, hippos snort with contentment from their watery home, whilst elephant herds wade through the papyrus islands in search of food – and all this from deck of your own room.
What puts Nile Safari Lodge in a class of its own is its uniqueness in bringing you closer to nature without destroying the environment and the symbiosis with its natural inhabitants. There is no air-conditioning or artificially-created temperatures, you simply experience this ultimate bush adventure in its most natural state.

An explorer in his own right and a man with a vision, Managing Director Mr. Zahid Alam in the early 1990’s, followed the steps of early explorers of past days, such as Baker and Burton. When Nile Safari Lodge opened in 1993, he knew that this spectacular spot had exceeded his goal to build a low-key, yet supremely comfortable place to enjoy all the beauties of Uganda.
In 2013, Nile Safari Lodge received a Certificate of Excellence from for its user reviews and customer satisfaction, to follow the 2012 Certificate of Excellence that was achieved by Jacana Safari Lodge.

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