Sambiya Lodge

Looking to experience conserved nature at its climax, transfer to Sambiya river lodge situated 15 minutes off the splendid Murchison falls. The lodge offers comfortable accommodation to all kinds of travelers that transfer to Murchison Falls to experience unique wildlife safari Adventures on holiday.

Affordable Accommodation in UgandaSafari Lodges Murchison Falls

This accommodation is suitable for budget, mid range and luxury visitors all over the world.

Room Rates

Note: Must be paid in dollars ($)

Non residents Rooms Types Rates
Bed & Breakfast Single 85 pp
Double 70 pp
Half Board Single 95 pp
Double 80 pp
Full Board Single 105 pp
Double 90 pp


Residents Rooms Rates
Bed & Breakfast Single 75 pp
Double 65 pp
Half Board Single 85 pp
Double 75 pp
Full Board Single 95 pp
Double 85 pp


  • Twenty six double rooms
  • Large grassed cabins
  • Ten normal bandas/tents with more than one bedroom
  • Double/twin rooms which are tidy, reliable, affordable & comfortable
  • Treated mosquito nets
  • A personal balcony/veranda
  • Partitioned doors and windows
  • Flushing toilets and bathrooms with warm showers and other extra amenities.

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