Shoebill Campsite

Shoe bill Campsite is situated close to the entry of Murchison Falls National Park and provides clear views of the blue waters of River Nile, green vegetation as well as the open skies.

While here, you will have an opportunity to spot various wildlife species like hippos and visitors should carry their own tents and equipment to use while preparing their own food in case they cannot afford eating at the splendid Nile Safari Lodge restaurant.


These can also go swimming at the lodge’s swimming pool which is approximate to the river and here they can enjoy the precious mysteries of nature while watching the birds of the air flying to a variety of destinations.

  • Camp fire
  • 24 hour ranger
  • Seating area
  • River views
  • Guests provide personal tents and equipment for cooking
  • Access to Nile Safari Lodge’s restaurant, bar and pool


Note: Must be paid in dollars ($)

Rooms Full Board
Camping 10 pp
Children sharing a room with parents 45 pp
Children sleeping in their own room 70 pp

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