Baboon Safari Resort

The Baboon Safari resort is situated in the western part of Uganda outside Queen Elizabeth National Park at the Kyambura escapement. While here, visitors will be in position to spot good sightings of the park and the magnificent Rwenzori Mountain along with its snow peaks.

Baboon Safari ResortSafari Lodges at Queen Elizabeth

You will also view different wildlife species including both flora and fauna around the park. We have lavish cottages located on raised terrain which will enable you get comfortable sleep and are divided into 10 en-suite canvas and wood suites which will offer you great viewing experiences.

Each of these is large enough with classy refined mahogany floors with a terrace, living area and an open sleeping area with a bathroom/ shower, hand wash basin, flushing toilet etc. These carry about 20 visitors per suite.


  • Restaurant & Cuisine
  • Swimming Pool
  • Private Verandahs
  • Fully Stocked Bar


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