Ntoroko game lodge

Ntoroko Game Lodge-in Semliki national park (Mid Range )Located in Semliki Wildlife reserve right at the shores of Lake Albert is our new accommodation Ntoroko Game Lodge. Currently the lodge is still under construction; however 2 luxurious safari tents are already finished and ready for guests.

Ntoroko Game Lodge is a Tented Camp nestled in the unspoiled beauty and breathtaking midst of wildlife. The only safari lodge with a natural sand beach for that sun tan you’ve been missing or just take long beach walks into the sunset… just as safari is meant to be! A typical out of Africa movie scene! … The lodge is exceptionally stylish, with an impressive setting of stone canvas exteriors with attractive wooden floors, wide windows allowing cool breezes and overlooking the spectacular Lake Albert in all directions.

Enjoy the perfect combination of luxury, relaxation and a hint of safari adventure experience under canvas bush breakfasts or bush dinners etc.  Ntoroko Game Lodge is one of 2 safari lodges under the Uganda Safari Lodges and Camps (USALOCA), please visit our website for more details. The park has flourished over the years and the Lodge is only a 1 1/2 hour drive from Fort portal town on a partly paved road and part dirt road meandering through the rolling hills of Kabarole.

Semliki National Park is an extension of the vast Ituri forest and forms part of the forest continuum situated in the extreme west of Uganda, along the Uganda/Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) border in the western arm of the East African Rift Valley. It is the only lowland tropical rain forest in East Africa and is one of the richest flora and fauna biodiversity areas in Africa it hosts some of Africa’s most spectacular and sought after birds such as horn bills and lyre tailed honey guide. It has 336 tree species recorded of which 24 are restricted to Semliki National and 34% of Uganda’s (435) recorded bird species some not found elsewhere in East Africa. Bordered by the Rwenzori Mountains, the DRC, the Semliki Flats and Lake Albert.
Local People
The park has four ethnic groups living around it; the Bamba and Bakonjo are cultivators living in the valley and mountain slopes, the Batuku- pastoralists occupy the rift valley floor; the Batwa (pigmies)-hunter gatherers are an Ituri ethnic group.
Tourist Activities

Visitors to enjoy breathtaking views of the savannah and clear blue skies, forest buffaloes and elephants, sitatungas, leopards, crocodiles, various primates and a wide range of forest and water birds, primates, butterflies and plants.



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