Long Term Car Hire Uganda- Self Drive Uganda

Planning Self drive Safari in Uganda on long term rental? Self drive Uganda limited is the leading Car Rental Firm offering long term car hire services to Uganda and cross border within the East African Countries like Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda for true wilderness camping & private guided Safaris in the region while traveling in reliable 4×4 Landcruisers.

When booking your long term car hire in Uganda, its advisable that  you place the booking in Advance as it gives you guarantee that the reserved car from the chosen vehicle category will be available for the selected dates of travel. Long term car hire availability will be confirmed immediately after your reservation and the issuance of the confirmation voucher with a company seal on it to show authenticity of the document.

Self Drive Uganda cars are specifically allowed to enter all Ugandan national parks for wildlife watching experiences , Get the best discounted quote from the reservation for the long term car rental in Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth

Rental Cars for Self Drive on Long Term.

Self Drive Uganda limited mainly deals in Toyota Cars  with the specialty in Toyota Landcruiser and Toyota Rav4s, These two fleets are recommended for self drive Safaris in Uganda only and if your considering cross border rental to Kenya , Tanzania or Rwanda consider renting one of the new models the landcruiser lx model 2016 to 2018 which are unique, reliable and more classic for long term safaris within East Africa.

  1. Toyota Rav4 45$ per day
  2. Toyota Landcruiser Lx 85$
  3. Toyota Landcruiser Prado 70$
  4. Toyota Landcruiser v8  80$

What amounts to Long Term rental with Self Drive Uganda

Self Drive Uganda mentions that long term car hire is available for travelers planning to explore East Africa from 20 days Uganda safaris and 30 days self drive in Uganda with the freedom to cross the border to Kenya, Tanzania , Rwanda.

Then if your planning Self drive East Africa tours, Consider the best rate that will be granted by Self Drive Uganda through their partner website that make the unique experiences to Kenya , Tanzania.

See the monthly rates for Self Drive around East Africa in the only recommended landcruiser LX with Rooftop tents for family vacations within Africa.

  1. Toyota Landcruiser LX with Rooftop tent
  2. Toyota Landcruiser v8 With Rooftop tent

landcruiser lx

Long Uganda Safaris – Self Drive adventures

If your planning to spend more than 20 days on Uganda Safari , then the best recommended option is to hire a car and driver / safari guide from Self Drive Uganda so that you can enjoy the freedom of private tailored trip in Uganda. On the visit to Uganda , camping is among the recommended options from Self drive Uganda with the ultimate Safari activities including the wildlife watching , gorilla safaris  & Rwenzori Trekking which can be booked with Self Drive Uganda  the destination experts in Self Drive Safaris that is licensed by Uganda Tourism board and member of Association of Uganda tour operators.

We provide our clients with a price guarantee that ensures the adventures enjoys the self drive safari holiday.

Where to visit on Long term Self Drive Safari.

Rav4When it comes to self-drive trips in East Africa? it’s known to be a one-stop safari destination for primates, wildlife & Mountaineering adventures to explore various places. Self-drive around Lake Victoria on a long-term trip to explore various national parks like Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Murchison Falls & Bwindi Impenetrable National Park with optional one-way Car Rental. The self Drive team can help you tailor a Self trip and book accommodations or safari lodges.

Why we recommend a rooftop tent Car on Long term Car Rental.

If traveling in Budget option, your required recommended is to take the Rooftop tent with one of our rental cars that are reliable for bush camping in various national parks of Uganda. We mainly offer the tent co brand that is managed from South African outlet  that comes with Mosquito net and water proof .

Camping Safaris in Uganda are becoming more popular for ultimate Uganda Safaris at discounted price, Park and camp anywhere in Uganda while on a Self drive Safari with Experts  from Self Drive Uganda. If your on long term rental to Uganda, Get the best Landcruiser series ( GX, V8 and prados for ultimate Wilderness camping).  Contact us now to reserve your rental car for the long term.

Long Term Car Hire in Kenya & Tanzania  with Self drive Uganda

Long Term Safari vacations in Kenya are recommended to families that plan to explore the magical Masai Mara , Amboseli and other National parks with the freedom to cross the border to Tanzania on their own. If your more than 4 pax, we would recommend that you hire 2 landcruisers to enjoy the ultimate Wildlife of Kenya including the Wildebeest Migration.

If your planning for long term in Kenya, Contact us to offer the best discounted prices for our landcruisers with rooftop tents in Kenya.

We only offer Landcruisers v8 and Landcruisers LX 76 series for long term car hire in Kenya & Tanzania.

  1. Toyota Landcruiser LX with Rooftop tent
  2. Toyota Landcruiser v8 With Rooftop tent

Landcruiser v8