Gorilla safaris

Gorilla Trekking is among the popular safari activity that many travelers wish to enjoy while on their Self drive safaris in Uganda and Rwanda! Gorilla Trekking requires someone to secure the gorilla permit in order to be allowed to enter into the jungle forest to watch the mountain gorillas in their natural inhabitant like Bwindi, Volcanoes , Mgahinga National Parks.  Gorilla Safaris irrespective of being self drive safaris it requires advance booking and preparation of the safari like Safari planning section mentions about gorilla trekking.

Apart from the Mountain Gorilla trekking, there is also lowland Gorilla Trekking in kahuzi Biega National Park in Democratic republic of Congo which also attracts a fee of the Gorilla permit.

Find the Complete Guide of Gorilla Trekking Destinations in Africa, Both for Mountain Gorillas and Lowland Gorillas in East & central African Republic.


  • Self-drive Independent Tours
  • Our Self-Drive programs are packages including carefully selected charming accommodation (essential for a memorable holiday) together with a rented car and a suggested itinerary, that we’ll deliver you as a beautiful personalized brochure. These self-drive tours were designed based on our deep knowledge of Portugal and they have the purpose of being easy to explore for a first-time visitor to Portugal. Although we believe that a map will be enough for our guests to discover our country, if you wish we can also add a GPS to your rented car.

    Of course that any itinerary can be customizable for your specific needs (including a hotel change), as usual with Tours For You travel advising. We can design a new itinerary or, we can also adapt each proposed itinerary below. Another important advantage of these independent self-drive tours is that you can change the day itinerary in real time, when you’ll be already in Uganda.

    That’s your tour! However, you must have on your mind that you’ll always have your accommodation booked for each night and this is where you must end your day.

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