Car Rental Congo

We don’t Recommend Self drive Safaris in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Self driving is not possible in Democratic Republic of Congo! Self drive Uganda will need an international driving permit to drive in the DRC and it might request for more security incase you insist on Self drive due to the fact that insurance on their cars don’t cover that Nation. Car hire is possible in Kinshasa although self-drive options are limited.  Outside Kinshasa and other main cities, most roads are barely drivable even with a 4×4, especially during the rainy season (September to May).

Be aware of vehicle theft and car-jacking. Lock vehicle doors and keep windows closed when driving and watch out for armed gangs who may target your car. Don’t drive off the main routes or park in unsupervised areas.

The DRC’s security forces operate roadblocks, particularly after dark. If you are asked to produce documents for inspection at a check point, remain in your vehicle and show them through closed windows.

Self drive Uganda will offer you transportation to Virunga National Park n& Kahuzi biega only as they are the only points that are safe for travel.

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