One Way Car Rental in East Africa- Uganda Self Drive.

Self Drive Uganda offers one way Car Rental in Various cities of Uganda like Entebbe , Kampala , Jinja , Kabale & Gulu at affordable prices with cross border rental like Rwanda, Kenya , Tanzania for your adventure through East Africa. One way Car rental cars include the most reliable 4×4 land cruisers , Toyota LandCruiser Prado , LX and GX that have been tasted by our Team.

One Way Car Rental in Uganda

Uganda is a wonderful county to explore by car rental on self drive Safari. You’ll find that:

  • The roads are generally well-maintained and uncrowded except during the Festive Seasons
  • the driving rules are easy and simple to follow
  • and best of all, the roads lead you to some truly spectacular scenery and unique experiences .

If you are limited by time, or don’t necessarily wish to finish your journey where you start it, our one way car rentals option can help you to end the holiday in Kenya or Rwanda.

Car Rental in East Africa

East Africa is the cradle of mankind, as the first species of the Homo genus evolved here, and migrated to the rest of the world. The region is also famous for its savannas, with the well-known African flora and fauna.

East Africa contains spectacular geography, with the African Great Lakes, and most of the continent’s tallest mountains. It is geographically isolated from the rest of the continent by mountains, deserts, and the African Great Lakes. The climate is more arid than it is on similar latitudes on the Atlantic coast, which makes the land dominated by savanna and desert.

While the climate in East Africa is tropical (except the tallest mountains of Rwenzori where snow can occasionally be found), humidity varies a lot, with jungles, savannas, and deserts.

Enjoy your One Way Car Rental in Uganda on Self Drive or Car Rental with a driver during your adventure through East African Countries like Kenya , Rwanda, Tanzania.

If your Self drive Tour is to include other East African Countries , it will be classified as long term car hire since the minimum number of Days to explore the magic primates ( Gorillas ) and Wildlife watching in Kenya or Tanzania requires approximately 20 + check on Cross border Safaris.

Why Recommend one Way Car Rental

The One Way Car Rental Option is very appropriate for all travelers since it allows you to choose you own destination or location you prefer to leave the car.

Book the One Way Car Rental Option with Us at Self Drive Uganda to enjoy transferring to your preferred safari destinations in Uganda as well as nearby countries.