Our mission

Self Drive Uganda started in 2011 with head offices in Uganda (Kampala) and partners in Rwanda, Kenya, DR Congo, and Tanzania. Self Drive Uganda’s mission is to provide safe reliable transportation to travelers wishing to drive themselves throughout the entire East African region. We offer one way rentals.

Self Drive Uganda offers a high level of uncompromising customer service which is delivered by the knowledgeable team of staff who do no further than offering incredible safari adventure tours to all kinds of travelers. We offer assistance in planning and booking your adventures for anyone wanting to discover East Africa by themselves and at their own pace. We can also provide drivers and booking for accommodation, gorilla and chimpanzee permits.

Our values

Self Drive Uganda was originally founded to offer a way for independent minded travelers to transfer by themselves around Uganda as well as the East African region while on adventure. Numerous attractions are available to be explored and encountered while on your safari tour and these can be experienced at your own pace. Our tour experts at Self Drive Uganda offer you support, comprehensive advice and first-hand experience for your East African journey.

In December 2011, after years of experience in planning and booking of trips to countries outside Uganda, Self Drive Uganda expanded its services to Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. The staff at Self Drive Uganda are ready to help and advise you on planning a self-guided adventure so as to enjoy the best experiences. Our team strives to create unique, enjoyable, and socially responsible travel experiences. Our company will provide services beyond your expectations.


Self Drive Uganda