Land cruiser TX /TZ Prado- 4×4 car rental : Self Drive Uganda.

Looking for automatic Toyota Landcruiser for self drive in Uganda? We do offer reliable landcruisers which are 4wd Cars that are owned by the company and come with working Ac , Radio , Pop up roof worthy your safari in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.

We do not recommend the Toyota Landcruiser TX or TZ for Tanzania Safaris and incase your extending the trip to cover East African Country of Tanzania , we recommend Landcruiser LX or V8, VX.


Toyota Landcruiser TX/TZ Prado

The Toyota Land Cruiser has a strong engine capacity ready to take you anywhere even without engaging the 4×4 though these car have this in built option for this. This car has an automatic gearbox, 4wd (auto 4Hi/4Low), 4 seats, air conditioning, power steering, radio with Bluetooth/ aux/ usb, airbags passenger + driver. With or without pop up roof and all terrain tyres. This vehicle is outfitted with a single fuel tank that carries 90 liters.

  • Capacity: 4 adventurers
  • Automatic
  • Petrol
  • Excellent height for game viewing
  • Comfortable, spacious vehicle


Toyota Landcruiser TX/TZ PRado

Low Season 68 USD
High Season 75 USD
Camping Gear 5 USD per person
Car Fridge 10USD
Driver 35 USD


Toyota Landcruiser LX/GX/V8/7 Series

Self Drive Uganda Classified these Landcruisers as Luxury rental cars that are highly respected safari vehicle in East Africa, with less electronics and ideal for remote travel.

These car has a manual gearbox, 4wd (4Hi/4Low), 5 seats, air conditioning, power steering, radio with bluetooth /aux/usb, airbags for passenger + driver. With or without popup roof and all terrain tyres, the car carries 2 fuel tanks. The car runs beautifully and is ready for any trip around East Africa.

  • Capacity: 4 adventurers
  • Manual
  • Excellent height for game viewing
  • Air conditioning



Toyota Landcruiser GX/V8/7 Series

Time of Travel Day
Low Season 85 USD
High Season 95USD
Camping Gear 5 USD
Car Fridge 10 USD
Driver 35 USD