Self Drive Uganda Specialists- Team in Rwanda, Kenya & Tanzania

Self Drive Uganda operates in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya & Tanzania , we are specialists in Toyota Brands with Camping gears , rooftop tents. The team is composed of different personality from different countries.

Self Drive Uganda Limited has over time trained and enhanced its team with the required skills and knowledge regarding the car rental services and tourism in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, DR Congo & Tanzania to ensure that customers are served with excellent services.

Joan: Reservations Manager

Joan is an experienced trip planner here at Self Drive Uganda working as the Reservations manager and Travel Consultant. She has been in the tourism and car rental industry for 5 years. She is knowledgeable about the different destinations in East Africa. She is competent, friendly, helpful, empathetic, customer service oriented, diligent and pleasant. She is highly dependable for any of your Self-guided and guided trips around East Africa.

Halima: Reservations Cons.

Halima is a reservations consultant for Self Drive Uganda. She has the specialty in various tour vehicles and their specifics, together with the respective trips/safaris, hence her skill to tailor private , group Safaris around Africa. Her passion for sharing her love for travel with people around the world had truly found its niche. With the 4X4 Vehicle collection in place, he has explored Rwenzori Mountains, Kibale, Queen Elizabeth and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda that host primates, big five wildlife.

Rachael: Travel Consultant

Nakigozi Rachael Alex was born in the outskirts of the main capital city Kampala. She has a degree in Travel and Tourism Management from Makerere University Business School and she is a dedicated tourism person with a mind of exploring and a deep love for adventure.

She is passionate about exploring diverse cultures and creating unforgettable travel experiences. Rachael is responsible for developing tours, itineraries, Purchase of Primate Permits, arranging transport and accommodation within East African Countries, as well as monitoring customer satisfaction.

Rona: Accountant

Rona is an Account assistant who studied and attained a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and finance. Rona is so confident, generally progressive and committed in her role. She is responsible for the maintenance of all financial records of Self Drive Uganda, monitoring revenue, processing payments as well as preparing accurate and timely reports. Rona has great a concern for detail and, when committed to perform a certain task; she always delivers on time.

Flavia: Legal Advisor

Flavia is a Lawyer with a background of Business Administration of over 6 years. She has worked on a number of projects in the company. Flavia always get things done and has an eye for detail at the Company, she believes in learning new things and skills all the time. She handles the company’s paperwork and all related matters.

Safari Guides – Driver Guides Sections


Moses is a teacher by Profession and has been leading tours in Uganda and Rwanda for the last 12 years. He started as free lancer guide with various tour companies where he was a driver before joining Self Drive Uganda. He is knowledgeable about the Mountain Gorillas, Wildlife and Simple birding . He has 3 classes of the driving permit , Expert in driving extended Safari Land Cruisers. He is a member of Tour Guides Forum Uganda with Membership card and is licensed by UTB to drive tour Cars in Uganda.


Jeff has been an outdoor Guide for 9 years before he joined Self Drive Uganda. He specializes in leading exploratory adventures in mountaineering and birding tours in Uganda. He also travels as a outdoor safety consultant for the industrial, media and outdoor recreation industries. He is a member of Uganda Safari guides Association and is licensed by Uganda tourism board. He has explored Uganda, Rwanda ,Burundi, Tanzania and Kenya.


He grew up in Goma which is located in Eastern Congo and he studied in Goma and Started working with Self Drive Uganda. He is a wildlife Lover and he has spent most of his time as a wildlife guide but later after Joining us to lead the Mountaineering tour in Nyiragongo Volcano. He did Mountain gorilla trekking in Virunga National Park and Eastern Lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National Park which made him to appreciate that the forest is a true Jungle and accepted that name of Massif as he searched for the gorillas in the mist of Virunga during his Trekking, He has done extensive exploring of Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi.