Car Rental with Safari Guide / Drivers  from Self Drive Uganda

Planning to explore Uganda on Car Rental with Drivers or Safari guides for ultimate Safari experience in Uganda National Park? Self Drive Uganda limited offers experienced Car Hire services along side Safari guides that are knowledgeable about the Ugandan parks to guide you around Uganda.

We offer driver options that are cheaper than the Safari guide, since the drivers know the routes and the Safari guides know the routes and the parks so that guide you around Uganda parks and they know the animals. Get the expert service on your Uganda Safari tour.

This option gives you an opportunity to explore the various places with the driver informing you about them and the numerous attractions you see or adventure with friends and family.


Car rental with Safari Guide

We have experienced Safari guides  who are knowledgeable about the various Safari places as well as the numerous attractions each park in Uganda. Whether it be for wildlife tour or gorilla safaris, business meetings,  take advantage of our drivers to guarantee you get an adventure so exceptional in Uganda.
By booking this Car Rental Option, you are assured of getting the best drivers available as well as remarkable Safari Tour in Uganda with friends and family. You shall also have remarkable views of amazing Wildlife species, beautiful destinations, comfortable accommodation i.e Hotels and Lodges, Campsites, Guesthouses as well as the stunning African Savannah wilderness if your on camping trip the Safari guide will help you to set up the Rooftop tent, selecting the best campsites.

  1. Drivers 40$
  2. Safari Guides 50$

Moses Byamungu ( French & English )

Moses Byamungu is a french speaking and English guide that leads tours to Uganda , Rwanda , Kenya & Tanzania for ultimate Wildlife Safari Experiences. If your planning a Car Rental with safari guide , then he is available for timely Uganda Safari Experiences .

  1. 12 years Experience
  2. Married
  3. Living in Rwanda

Moses Byam

What are the costs to rent a driver in Uganda?

The additional cost of hiring a driver guide in Uganda is 50USD per day. All the proceeds go to the driver. The fee also covers your driver’s meals and accommodation. You won’t need to arrange extra accommodation, as all lodges have facilities available for driver-guides at a reduced rate. The tour company drivers are not charged park entry fees.

Are you going camping? Then we’ll supply your driver with camping gear. As there are no facilities to eat elsewhere inside the national parks, we appreciate that you factor in your driver when grocery shopping and cooking your meals together. Most drivers are pretty good bush cooks and will be able to help you start a campfire.

Do also note that fuel remains at your own expense. Your Uganda Self Drive rental car is delivered to you with a quarter tank, and should be filled up again when returned.

How can I rent a driver in Uganda?

At Self Drive Uganda, we are happy to assist you with renting the vehicle and driver that suit your wishes and travel itinerary.

When renting a car with a driver, you are assured of convenience, safety, and local expertise. Surprisingly, it’s not as expensive as you may think. All rental modes with drivers can be reserved through Self Drive Uganda’s online reservation service, what’s up or phone call to our travel consultants. Each English speaking driver/ guide would go between 40USD and 50USD per day depending on the length of the trip and the specialty that you need. These rates are all inclusive of the driver’s accommodation, meals and upkeep through the period.

The linguistic drivers exclusively Spanish, French, Italian and German speaking are all also available. However, these are a bit expensive and would go from 70USD to 100USD per day depending on where they are to work from and the size of the group.

It is important to communicate your specific requirements and expectations from the driver to ensure a seamless and satisfactory rental experience.

What you need to rent a car in Uganda?

When you chose to rent a car in Uganda with Self Drive Uganda, plus the driver included, a valid Uganda National ID is required for citizens, and for non-citizens, a valid passport is a requirement needed. Be sure to read our terms and conditions on how the vehicle and its driver are to be handled for the smooth running of the trip. A deposit will be agreed upon and should be paid in the stipulated time to allow the desired car to be booked out of the system and reserved for you. This also helps to book your experienced driver in time to avoid any shortcomings and last-minute disappointments.

Moses Agaba

Long Term Safari vacations in Kenya are recommended to families that plan to explore the magical Masai Mara , Amboseli and other National parks with the freedom to cross the border to Tanzania on their own. If your more than 4 pax, we would recommend that you hire 2 landcruisers to enjoy the ultimate Wildlife of Kenya including the Wildebeest Migration.

If your planning for long term in Kenya, Contact us to offer the best discounted prices for our landcruisers with rooftop tents in Kenya.

We only offer Landcruisers v8 and Landcruisers LX 76 series for long term car hire in Kenya & Tanzania.

  1. 13 years Experience in Guiding
  2. Married
  3. Living in Kampala

Moses Agaba