14 Days Uganda Rwanda safari

14 Days Uganda Rwanda safari package is designed for those who are interested in the ultimate wildlife safari in Africa. It involves double gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable forest Uganda and the Volcanoes national park among many amazing activities. You will get involved in boat cruises, game drives, chimpanzee tracking, visiting Lake Bunyonyi, birding, visiting the genocide war memorial site in Kigali, Golden Monkey Tracking and conclude with relaxation on the banks of Lake Kivu. We believe you will enjoy your time knowing that you have visited some of the best tourism destinations in Uganda and Rwanda.

Safari Highlights,

  • Rhino tracking
  • Gorilla tracking
  • Chimpanzee tracking
  • White Water Rafting
  • Golden monkey tracking
  • Lake Bunyonyi

Day 1: Arrival and airport pickup – Transfer your hotel in Entebbe or Kampala

A guide from our company will pick you up at the airport for a transfer to Kampala depending on arrival time. If you arrive earlier, the driver will take you for a tour of Entebbe or Kampala city.

Accommodation at 2 friends Beach Hotel

Day 2: Head to Murchison Falls National Park – Rhino tracking at the Ziwa sanctuary

You will wake up early in the morning, take breakfast and set off for the Murchison Falls National Park. As you travel, you will bypass the beautiful countryside of Uganda including the Luwero triangle. The Luwero triangle is where the current government launched a guerilla warfare that brought it to power. You will stop just before reaching the Murchison falls to visit the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary. White Rhinos became extinct in Uganda’s national parks in 1980. The few that had remained where transferred to the sanctuary for better protection. There are about 18 rhinos in the sanctuary at the moment and there is a plan to reintroduce them in Uganda’s game parks in the future. Lunch will be at Amuka lodge before proceeding to the Murchison falls national park. The guide will drive you straight to the top of the Murchison falls.  The Murchison falls squeezes through an 8 meter wide gorge before dropping with a thunderous roar. You will also spot the adjacent Uhuru Falls that was formed in 1962 due to heavy flooding.

Accommodation at Fort Murchison Lodge

Day 3: Early morning Game drive and a boat cruise along the river Nile

You will wake up very early to go for an early morning game. Pack your breakfast or coffee to take during the game drive along the southern sector of the park. The morning drive will take you through different parts of the park where you will have an opportunity to spot 4 of the big five including leopards, buffaloes, lions and elephants. There are more mammals to be found in the park during the game drive like the Uganda Kob, Hyenas, Jackals, giraffes, Hartebeest, Bushbucks and several other species of antelope. Once done with the morning game drive, you will head back to the lodge for lunch and rest.

In the afternoon, get ready to go for a launch cruise along the river Nile ending at the bottom of the Murchison falls.  This section of the Nile has a high concentration of Hippos and crocodiles.

Accommodation at Fort Murchison Lodge

Day 4: Transfer to Kibale National Park

You will wake up at your own time and take breakfast before leaving Murchison falls national park for Kibale national park. The journey is long but worthwhile as you will be able to see Uganda’s beautiful countryside, several landmarks and observe the locals going about with their lives. Lunch will be at the beautiful town of Fort Portal. After lunch, you will go for a tour of the town and the headquarters of the Tooro Kingdom. Fort Portal stands out because it is located in an area with great weather and lush green vegetation for most of the year.

Accommodation at Kibale Forest Camp

Day 5: Chimpanzee tracking at Kibale National Park and transfer to Queen Elizabeth Park

After a breakfast, the driver will take you to the Kibale national park offices for the briefing on chimpanzee tracking. The guides/Rangers will let you know of all there is to know about tracking chimpanzee. Kibale National Park is the best place to track chimpanzees in the world.

The chances of spotting the Chimpanzees are very high and there are 4 communities that are habituated. Chimps love to stay on top of trees compared to mountain gorillas. They are also more vocal hence allowing them to be located from kilometers away. Chimpanzee trekking takes between 3 to 5 hours after which, you will head back to your lodge for lunch and rest.  Our driver will then transfer you to Queen Elizabeth national park in the evening. The journey takes only 2 hours.

Accommodation at Bush Lodge

Day 6: Game drive and launch cruise at the Kazinga Channel of Queen Elizabeth park

You will wake up very early to go for a morning game drive at the Kasenyi sector of Queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda. This morning game drive allows visitors to spot nocturnal animals retreating back to their dens and also the early risers.  Expect to spot leopards, hippos, lions, buffaloes, hartebeests, resident and migratory birds. After your game drive, you will return to have lunch and a rest at your lodge. At 2:00 pm, you will be transferred to the Kazinga Channel for a launch cruise. The Kazinga Channel is a collection point for most of the parks animals and birds. You will be very impressed with the sheer number of game found drinking and grazing along the banks.

Accommodation at Bush Lodge

Day 7: Game drives at Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth and Transfer to Bwindi national park
Wake up early for a sumptuous breakfast and prepare for your second game drive in Queen Elizabeth national park. This time, you will be driven to the Ishasha sector of the park which is famous for Tree Climbing Lions.  You will see many other park mammals that you might not have sighted during your visit to other sections of the park. After sporting the tree climbing lions of Ishasha, you will leave the park and embark on the journey to Bwindi impenetrable forest park. Lunch will be taken along the way and expect to arrive in Bwindi impenetrable forest park late in the afternoon.

Accommodation at Ihamba Residence

Day 8: Gorilla tracking in Bwindi impenetrable forest and Visiting the Batwa Pygmies

Wake up early and take breakfast before heading for the briefing about gorilla trekking which takes place at the park office at 7:00 am. The head guide will peruse through the requirements and rules for gorilla trekking, what to expect, the gorilla groups and what to see in the park. Bwindi impenetrable forest park has 11 gorilla families with some living near the park offices while others deeper in the forest. The location of gorilla families is done based on the overall fitness and age of travelers. Gorilla tracking is challenging but nothing beats the experience of finally observing a gorilla group.

Once the one hour with the gorillas is done, you will head back to the starting point where you will find our driver waiting for you. The driver will take you back to the lodge for lunch and rest. Later in the afternoon, you will go and visit the Batwa pygmy community who live close to the park. They were relocated by the government after the forest reserve was turned into a park. The Batwa pygmies lived as hunters and gathers for thousands of years in the forest of Bwindi, Mgahinga, Virunga and Volcanoes National Park.

Accommodation at Ihamba Residence

Day 9: Transfer to Lake Bunyonyi for bird watching, sightseeing and a boat ride

Wake up to have breakfast at your own time and get ready to be transferred to Lake Bunyonyi. Lake Bunyonyi is a famous spot for birding tours in Uganda and sightseeing. It is a small lake with over 40 islands and is ideal for honeymooners and those who want a quiet, serene and romantic place. You will go for a boat ride and island hopping as you watch the local fishermen carrying out their activities.  You could also visit the punishment island. This is where young girls who had conceived before wedlock were abandoned to die. Most were rescued by men who couldn’t afford bride price.

Accommodation at Acardia Cottages Bunyonyi

Day 10: Transfer to the Volcanoes national park in Rwanda

Wake up at your leisure and take breakfast before hitting the road to Rwanda. Don’t expect to be bored because the journey from Uganda to Rwanda rewards visitors with beautiful scenery and amazing countryside. Lunch will be taken along the way and after crossing to Rwanda. After lunch, the driver will continue up to your lodge for check-in and relaxation. You can spend the evening on a nature walk or request the driver to take you for a tour of the town of Musanze. Rest early and prepare for gorilla trekking at the Volcanoes National Park the next day.

Accommodation at Gorilla Solution Lodge

Day 11: Mountain Gorilla trekking in Rwanda and visiting the Gorilla Guardians Village

Wake up and take breakfast before heading for a briefing on gorilla trekking at 7:00 am at the park headquarters. The officials will let you know what to expect during the activity, what you should carry along and how to conduct yourself once with the gorilla family. There are 10 habituated gorilla families in the volcanoes national park. You will be assigned one based in your age and overall fitness. This is because some of the families live further away from the starting point and may require more hours of tracking. Tracking mountain gorillas involves navigating through rough terrain which can be steep, mud-filled and with sharp tree branches. Once with the gorilla family, take as many photos as you can for you will be with them for only one hour. Mountain Gorillas are curious and playful and may come close to you. Be calm and do not make sudden unwanted movements that could alert them. Follow instructions from the park Rangers.

After your one hour with the gorilla group is done, you will find our company guide waiting at the starting point to take you back to the lodge for lunch and rest. Later in the late afternoon, you will head out to visit the Iby’iwacu Cultural Village in Musanze which is near the volcanoes national park. The Centre is now known as the Gorilla Guardians Village. It has grown from a simple site where former poachers would sell souvenir to one of the leading cultural centres in East Africa.

Accommodation at Gorilla Solution Lodge

Day 12: Golden Monkey Tracking and visiting the twin lakes of Ruhondo and Burera

After spending time with the gorillas yesterday, today is all about golden monkey tracking and visiting the twin lakes. Wake up early, take breakfast and head to the volcanoes national park offices for a briefing on golden monkey tracking.  After the briefing, you will go into the forest to track the golden monkeys with the park Rangers. Once you reach their territory, you will see them swinging on top of the trees and coming down to forage for insects. Golden monkeys look very beautiful and cuddly but are endangered. You should take as many photos as you can and afterwards descend back to the lodge for lunch and rest. Our driver will take you for a tour around the twin Lakes of Ruhondo and Burera.

Accommodation at Gorilla Solution Lodge

Day 13: Transfer to Lake Kivu in Gisenyi Rwanda for Canoeing, Swimming, Island hopping and relaxation

Start the day with sumptuous breakfast at your own time and prepare to leave the Volcanoes national park for Lake Kivu in Gisenyi. Lake Kivu is Rwanda’s biggest fresh water lake but shares it with the Democratic Republic of Congo. Once you arrive, you will have lunch overlooking Lake Kivu. Our guide will take you for a boat ride on the lake as you tour the different islands. You will also take part in swimming or simple relaxation at the beautiful shores of the lake.

Accommodation at Gorilla Solution Lodge

Day 14: Transfer to Kigali for a city tour, genocide site visit and departure

Wake up at your own time and start the journey back to Kigali. While traveling, enjoy the beautiful Rwanda countryside with over a thousand hills. Once you reach Kigali, have lunch and go for a tour of the small but very neat and organized city.

Kigali is one of the fastest growing cities in East Africa and is used as an example for other countries to follow. During the Kigali city tour, you will visit the genocide war memorial site, the presidential palace museum, the main market and then finish with some shopping from artisan shops. The driver will drop you at the airport or your hotel in Kigali.

End of Safari