Self Drive East Africa – Car Hire Rwanda, Kenya & Tanzania with Self Drive Uganda

If your planning a Self drive Safari in East Africa, we are pleased to inform you that self drive Uganda has expanded the borders to cover Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania for independent adventurers wishing to explore lake Victoria.

Self Drive Safari in East Africa can require a strong 4×4 Landcruiser which is basically a manual landcruiser LX 76 series that is more reliable and trusted for off road adventures in Kenya, Tanzania & Rwanda on long term Safari vacations in East Africa. Recommended 4×4 Car include the fully-equipped Safari vehicles with camping equipment and roof tents are becoming more and more popular.

Plan Self Drive East Africa Safari tour

Dont get lost in the Planning Stage , Self Drive Uganda Team is available to plan a bespoke self-drive itinerary will let you explore like the 30 Days Self drive Safari, safe in the knowledge that your accommodation and activities have been arranged in advance, or camping facilities provided, leaving you free to enjoy the ride.

Landcruiser lx 76 series

Self drive in Kenya – Cross border rental

If your planning a self drive safari in Kenya , we do have you covered with our local knowledge in car rental in Kenya to explore the top wildlife national park of Kenya at the most discounted prices on long term self drive Safari in East Africa.

Our Local knowledgeable team is available to help you plan your a route and booking public campsites along the way and then you have the fun of negotiating the mud and sandy roads in the national parks. If you are a little worried you can join a small group with a guide in his own vehicle.

  1. Toyota Landcruiser Lx 130$
  2. Toyota Landcruiser v8  120$

Self drive Tanzania – 4×4 Car Hire with Rooftop tents

Looking for self drive in Tanzania to explore the UNESCO heritage sites like the Serengeti National Park , Ngorongoro craters for the unique Wildlife Watching Safari experience, Rent a car from Self drive Uganda limited for the ultimate Tanzania Safari holiday on bespoken Private guided Safari in landcruiser LX 76 series with freedom to cross to Kenya  that is designed for East Africa Tours.

In Tanzania we do also offer car rental with drivers for the ultimate guided Safaris in East Africa. The Safari landcruisers 7 seater jeeps come with Fridge at no extra cost, recommended to Family & group travels that wish to enjoy relaxed game drives and wildlife watching in Tanzania .

  1. Toyota Landcruiser LX 150$
  2. Extended Safari Landcruiser 230$


Self Drive Expeditions – 4×4 Car Hire Kenya & Tanzania

Kenya and Tanzania are well established destinations when it comes to Wildlife watching ( Wildebeest Migration) which is the seasonal Safari activity that is enjoyed by Tourists that select to visit Tanzania & Kenya ( Masai Mara )

Tanzania’s Protected areas are extremely varied, ranging from sea habitats ( Indian ocean ) over grasslands to the top of the Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa that is followed by Mount Kenya & Rwenzori Mountains.

Queen Elizabeth

If you plan a combined Self drive Safari in Tanzania & Kenya, the team will provide you with the Ugandan Registered Car for the smooth experience in East Africa. All 16 Tanzanian national parks together comprise an area of more than 42,000 km² and are managed by the Tanzania National Parks Authority (Tanapa).

The Ban of Certain Cars from Accessing the Parks.

According to the publications published in Newspapers dated 2014, The Kenya wildlife Society  and Tanzania  National Park Authority closed the park access of their national parks.  This left with us only the Ugandan Registered cars with the ability to access the Kenya and Tanzanian parks at ease . If your renting a car from Self drive Uganda limited for your adventure to Kenya and Tanzania, expect to be offered Landcruiser with Ugandan Registration Plate and the fees you will be charge the one for the East African Countries for the Vehicle entry.

We do advise you to speak nice to the wardens and game park rangers since they are the custodian of Knowledge about the park.

Self Drive Rwanda with Rooftop tent cross border Uganda

Secure the most reliable Car hire from Self Drive Rwanda to explore the 4 national Parks of Rwanda that include the visit to the big five animals , primates like the Mountain Gorillas, Golden Monkey , Chimpanzee on Primate Trekking tours with Self Drive Uganda.

While on long term rental in Rwanda, Hike the Magical Virunga Volcanoes that are shared between Uganda , Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo that after the Primate Safari . We secure the gorilla trekking permits, Chimpanzee permits and golden monkey for our clients planning to go on Self Drive Safari in Rwanda with Self drive Uganda.  If your looking for cross border car rental to Uganda & Rwanda, then Contact the team of experts at Self Drive Uganda to handle your Safari .

We only offer Landcruisers v8 and Landcruisers LX 76 series for long term car hire in Rwanda and Uganda

  1. Toyota Landcruiser LX 140$
  2. Toyota Landcruiser v8 120$

Landcruiser v8

Car Rental East Africa

Benefits of East African Community for Self Drive travelers

We must commend the efforts by some individuals pushing for the East African Community. As of now, Ugandan Registered cars can easily access Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda protected areas without being charged as foreigners. Explore East Africa with Us.

East Africa Tourists visa: you will be granted entry to Kenya, Uganda , Rwanda  and you will only have to apply for the Tanzanian Visa as the extra with valid stay of 90 Days .

Self drive Uganda do understands that you may wish to explore East Africa on Long term rental vacation and designed the best long term car rental services which can be available for group of friends, family Vacations with key Safari activities:

  1. Gorilla Trekking
  2. Chimpanzee Trekking
  3. Mountaineering Tours
  4. Cultural Adventures
  5. Beach Safaris
  6. Walking Safaris
  7. Golden Monkey