Off-roading adventures refers to driving that is done on roads that are not tarmacked, that is roads that have a loose top surface of gravel or dust rather than tarmac. These kinds of roads are usually outside the major towns in Uganda. Most of this roads have no safety barriers, are narrow and prove challenging especially in the rainy and dusty seasons.

It is important to also be honest about where you intend to drive your rental car as all rental cars have a tracking system and the rental company will know if you lied about off-road driving.

Some rental companies in Uganda do not allow off road driving. Always perform a check before hiring the car as you may be forced to pay unreasonable demands later. The reason most car rental companies do not allow off road driving is because the loose surface can easily damage a rental car.

When planning an off road experience in Uganda always check whether you can hire a 4X4 car on self-drive. Share the route with the rental company so that they are aware in advance that you will be driving off road and the potential kilometres you will cover off road.

If you really want to experience Uganda’s vast countryside, National parks and Plains on a 4WD, we often recommend that you hire a driver or if you want a safari experience you book a 4WD off-road adventure. It will be organised for you.